The Tixu (Pronounced Ticks-zu), are a small, furry, and generally harmless looking species originating in the North-Eastern Sectors of the Starinis Cluster, on the planet Tixu. Their energy is Plasma.


The symbol of the Tixu Empire.

History Edit

They encountered the Mekorians early in their expansion, and later discovered the Mekorians ally, the Heretorians. After being refused technology from the two species, the Tixu created a large armada of heavily armed ships over a period of 58 years and attacked the Mekorians and Heretorians, defeating them quickly, as the two species had been at peace for many decades. The Tixu then pushed them into the Northern Sectors, then blockaded the only route out of the sectors. The Tixu Empire was then formed.

Later, after 195 years of ruling the cluster, some of their ships set out to the Ethiris Galaxy, to the north-east of the cluster. There they set up colonies and discovered the warlike Slithari. But their empire would not last forever. After 479 years of ruling, the Volderonians, along with the Teridarians, who had both just appeared in the interstellar age, started to discover the Tixu Empire, and about the Mekorians. After two years of conflict, 481 years after the Tixu began ruling the cluster, the Tixu were defeated, and left the cluster for the Ethiris Galaxy.

About Edit

Tixu generally live to about 95 years. Any above that age are considered venerable. They are carnivorous, but will resort to eating plants when there is no meaty food available at the time. They are bipedal, with two upper limbs with hands for grasping things. They have four digits to each hand. Their fur is a greeny-brown colouration.