The Hidden Universe, known by different names to the indigenous species (as listed below), is a Universe "Cube", surrounded by and unknown white wall, possibly either a incomprehensively large nebula, or some sort of dimensional stuff. It has five different galaxies and nine sentient spacefaring species, each with a different energy source.

Sentient Inhabitants Edit

The Hidden Universe has nine major sentient species, which each have a different energy source. The Slithari enhabit the Ethiris Galaxy, and now so do the Tixu. The Volderonians, Teridarians, Mekarians, Heretorians, and originally the Tixu live in the Starinis Cluster close to the Ethiris Galaxy. Their star cluster has only 7 inhabitable planets, and had been under the control of the Tixu for 481 years, until the Volderonians and the Teridarians arose to the space age and defeated the Tixu, and saving the Mekorians and Hesetorians from their exile in the Northern Sectors of the cluster.

The Tixu now inhabit a small handful of colonies in Ethiris, but their territory is growing, as is their war with the Slithari.

Further to the Universal North-West, the mysterious and ancient Quiilonis species had encountered the inter-dimensional Plae'thi'lis, plant-like space-dwelling creatures that used the energy of other living beings, and sometimes other weaker ones of themselves, to feed.

To the Universal South, the A'develans have begun leaving their galaxy and approaching the Ethiris Galaxy. Their scout fleets have already started engaging Heretorian and Mekarian patrol fleets to the South-West of the Starinis Cluster.

Energy Types Edit

One of the strangest things about the nine species is that none of them have the same energy source.

Volderonians: Solar

Teridarians: Anti-matter

Mekarians: Subspace

Slithari: Particle Fusion

Heretorians: Geo-Thermal

Tixu: Plasma

Quiilonis: Quantum

Plae'thi'lis: Life

A'develans: Gravitational